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Seeing Double

Is it me, or are these scenes just too similar? Secret Garden is finally giving the main leads the action they deserve in episode 14. The new Korean drama Athena: Goodess of War airing now, is sequel to the highly successful Iris. Wonder who was pegging who for the result of double vision. Share on Facebook


Secret Garden Love

I'm obsessing over a new K-drama...and my husband pointed this out to me after I sat for 3-4 rigid hours in front of my laptop refreshing dramacrazy.net page waiting for them to have the English translation to 'Secret Garden' episode 8.

Secret Garden is about neurotic rich boy Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) who falls for a stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), who does not seem to return his feelings and it's not too long when they get into a pickle of a body switch.

So far it's been a fun ride and already I'm obsessing over Yoon Sang Hyun who plays Oska; he's too cute. Believe it or not it's the first time watching Hyun Bin and he's good. The crazy antics, the body-switching are hiliarious. I hope it keeps on entertaining.

Not watching? You should be. Check it out at Dramacrazy.net

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Edison Chen and Gillian Chung in Malaysia!

Hong Kong singer and actress, Gillian Chung barely missed bumping into her once controversial sex partner, Hong Kong actor, Edison Chen in Malaysia. Chung's three day photo shoot was a carefully calculated schedule orchestrated in a fashion for her to get in, do her job and get out of Malaysia sans any awkward run-ins with the Canadian Chinese film actor, rapper and now fashion designer. Chen was in Bangsar to launch his clothing store, Juice.

For those unaware of why one of these two similar homeland stars, who have collaborated on many projects before, would be dodging the other, a rewind button would have to be pushed to take us back to 2008 when both stars were embroiled in the biggest sex scandal China had not seen in such a long time, when several photos showing Chen, Chung and many other prominent females stars like Bobo Chan, Cecillia Cheung, Jolin Tsai in various nude poses as well as performing sexual acts with Chen were leaked from his laptop.

Since the incident Chen has made a public apology to the women involved. A Hong Kong computer technician was sentenced to more than eight months in jail in May for stealing the photos from Edison's laptop during repairs.

Avoiding Chen and all his apologetic phone calls and even going as far as blocking him on her MSN, Chung has since made a comeback in March this year as a spokesperson for fashion company, Tough Jeansmith.