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Frozen Flower- Far From Being Igloo Material

The lid from this simmering kettle has hit the roof! A Frozen Flower, last year's Korean steam totting film-filled with gorgeous faces, taut bodies, and scenes of such lustful pleasure, they were eye-scorching- is finally making its way to DVD. But, could one sustain the wait? No, and YouTube was the answer to a fervent prayer.

A tale of the usual cliched love and betrayal plot is made new again with a few new antidotes to save it from being just that. Set in Goryeo Dynasty Korea, the eye-feasting 2008 film directed by Yoo Ha stars Joo Jin-mo as a King who is a lover of men-in the literal sense- and therefore can not possibly attempt to impregnate his Queen, played by the flawless Song Ji-hyo, although doing so would ensure him an heir, therefore displacing the act of him being dethroned and replaced by his cousin.

Not wanting to do the dirty work (much sarcasm here), the King enlist the help of the commander of his personal bodyguards, Hong Lim, as the man for the deed. Unfortunately-during the trial and error missions with Lim, the Queen, with great fore reluctance-and Song Ji-hyo's facial expressions are exquisite- finds herself falling for the commander, played by an unnervingly beautiful Jo In-seong whom in return is falling for her. All this would have fallen under the radar of usual movie court jester had the King not had feelings for Hong Lim, too.

The scenes are alive with the boldness of the actors, each playing their part respectively with heart. The music although not epic hits its cords with great timing. Joo Jin-mo's slight lament is earnestly felt in the music of the scene after his lover's initial foray with the Queen.

Hungry for a visual feast of forbidden lustful intrigue? Then this one is a winner.
-Sada Sarangga


Reuben said...

This film is very intresting and exotic. I would love to see it in theaters. Shorty, I love your passion for erotic films that stand out from the rest. I am glad to have a friend / sister like you. You've inspired and raised the Designer/Artist/Writer with in me. Passion is what moves the world. Love is what depletes animosity in differences. We were never animals. Thank God for blessing us with you.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Boboy, for your inspiring words...I'm also blessed to have a wonderful brother who is talented in many ways than he knows!